Things I Hate About Android Smart PhonesThings I Hate About Android Smart Phones

Things I Hate About Android Smart Phones

After performing a great little hit piece about the 10 things I hate about BlackBerry, it is time for me to perform you on Android. While I struggled a bit I did not have a great deal of tough time on this listing. Android is the OS on the phone block that is wise, Only a fast summary. It’s showy and very flashy. Android is the main rival to iOS and Apple’s iPhone and a customizable platform. The brainchild of google has reached mainstream status entering into the 3 smartphone OS. Some folks will say, being hot does not necessarily allow it to be great.

Because Android has really made its way into one of the 3 programs, individuals are sure to get opinions. People like to listen to the experts but let’s look at the cons and have a minute. The growth of android is notable. From 15% market share, they moved in a year to over 25%. Once I owned a smartphone I was a part of the statistic a year ago. No time lets begin. The soikeo very first thing I despise about Android is that the continuous freezing and”Force Close”. An app freezes up or does not respond, you’re motivated to force.

I wish I can mention my experience has been an isolated event but it’s not. By browsing a few forums that are Android, you may read of numerous annoying episodes of drive close. It seems similar to a smartphone version of Windows Vista Despite the fact that Android is based on Linux. Always freezing and crashing. The inventory Android computer keyboard is awful. I understand there are lots of keyboards that are better on the market. Among my favorites is Swype. Can’t the computer keyboard be great? The keyboard on Apple’s iPhone is far superior compared to Android’s. The text about the inventory Android computer keyboard is awful.